The Alkantara Festival is a international performing arts biennial event that takes place in Lisbon. It aims to give visibility to the contemporary Portuguese performing arts, to stimulate Portuguese artistic creation through commissions and co-productions, to create moments of encounter between artists and professionals from Europe and other cultures of the world, and to promote the recognition of the importance of cultural diversity and intercultural understanding together with artists, professionals and the public. FINEPAPER was responsible for the graphic production of the Festival’s materials: posters, catalogue and postcards.


Program book: body in 100g/m2 Coral Book white and cover in 160g/m2 Coral Book White, printed in o 4/4 colors and coveer printed in 3/3 colors + black pantone and blacke capa impressa a 3/3 cores pantone + preto, aparado ao formato, miolo sarrotado e colado.

Mupi: 130g/m2 paper , printed in 4/0 cores, with simple cut.

Poster A3: printed in 170g/m2 Cyclus Offset paper,  in 4/4, trimmed and folded in newspaper.

Poster A2: printed in  135g/m2 Coated paper,  in 2/0, trimmed and folded in newspaper.

Postcard: in 225g/m2 RenovaPrint paper, printed in 2/2 colors, trimmed and folded in newspaper.

Newspaper: body in 90g/m2 Cyclus Offset paper and cover in 140g/m2 Cyclus Offset paper, printed in 4/4 colors,  trimmed and folded.


Cliente: Alkantara Festival

Data: 2018 May

Design: Ana Teresa Ascensão

Print Management: Finepaper