The IDC Directions 20th edition gathers the most important companies in Portugal’s IT market, more than 35 exhibitors and 1400 attendees.

FINEPAPER created the graphical design and all materials for the digital communication. FINEPAPER designed the layout for the exhibition area and gave an end-to-end solutions for the exhibitors. This included setting the stand design and production, decoration and marketing materials. FINEPAPER adapted decoration for the event from existing graphic design, and managed not only the printing materials but also the conference wall projection.

Project phases:

  1. Graphic design definition and digital communication;
  2. Exhibition layout design, stand design and production;
  3. Event location decoration;
  4. Marketing materials, like flyers, brochures, etc. (design+production);


Cliente: IDC Portugal

Data: 2017 October

Design: Finepaper

Print Management: Finepaper