The Lisbon & Estoril Film Festival takes place every year in November in Estoril and Lisbon,Portugal. FINEPAPER was responsible for all the events’ graphic materials: programs, flyers, postcards, outdoors and canvas.


Catalogue: body with 160 pages in 135g/m2 uncoated silk paper; cover in 200g/m2 uncoated silk paper. Printing in 4/4 colors and offset varnish and lamination. Desktop publishing and prepress.

Program: 140g/m2 Cyclus Offset paper, with offset varnish, trimmed, Z folding.

Posters: 200g/m2 uncoated silk paper trimmed.

Bags: non-woven bags, silkscreen printing.

Cliente: Paulo Branco Produções

Data: 2014 November

Design: Catarina Sampaio